Sunday, 7 June 2009

Let them eat Brioche 2009 update.

300 acres and a fool:

I fear in this looking glass world as the thunder rumbles and big greasy rain drops run down the window pane that it's not just the after effects of too much beer that's making me un-easy. When sensible papers like the Observer can run uncritical tosh like this it all feels like it's getting out of hand!

It's from an ethical issue of their magazine, ethics in this case being something you buy if your family made a killing selling cling filmed inorganic intensively reared meat and strip mining Africa. Isn't it time all journalists remembered what the best of them know that it's not just not about writing down what famous/rich/posh people say you have to ask the odd question or raise the odd eye brow or do they all think we should listen to the soothing tales of someone who couriers organic cabbages 200 miles so she can "provide the best for them at all costs" for her kids is the way forward?

5 minutes later up date:
sorry I take it all back it all an extended post modern joke as this piece can't be real no serious newspaper would listen to this stream of (unconsidered) consciousness without butting in I see now the whole issue is a satire they've even got their boring wine writer making wine kits to save the odd shilling so it must be a joke.


Cocktails said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't buy the Sunday papers anymore.

I'll tell you about the tomato plants we recently planted BLTP if you like - just send me £2...

al_uk said...

Look closely...she's wearing shoes (vegan from Stella Macartney) and yes you've guessed it an "organic" LEATHER jacket.....hmmmmmmm somethings odd here!!!!!

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

I was having a good old rant about this issue this morning - why on earth do they still make out that to be green and ethical you have to be rich or at least well-off?
The Goldsmith piece does read like a spoof "I wanted to go green for the sake of my precious children" So why did you name one Thyroid? "I still go to supermarkets - Waitrose of course" BLAAAARRRGGGHHH
And as for Observer so-called Woman...
Hmmmm, maybe I'm letting it get to me... You may delete this comment if it disturbs the equilibrium of your blogosphere!

Mr G. said...

That Abigail Clancy piece is horrifically bad. Truly embarrassing.

BLTP said...

Hurray! I do sometimes wonder if it's just me. It's the whole will this do slackness of it all, I read a hard copy of the mag just now and some of the people in there were quite worthy but they have their achievement belittle by being in the same world as abi Clancey I mean poor David Attenborough.
ps. EX-COv the only person I censor is myself these idiots need someone reminding them how duff they are.