Thursday, 18 June 2009

I hate those Mices to Pieces

The wide awake club:

Well that's torn it, a perfect storm of irritants have forced me awake : the mid summer sun, general life nonsense and now the mouse.

The combined pipe work of our flats make a perfect stairwell for mice and presumably there's plenty of food and warm pipes for the blighters to thrive on.

Don't get me wrong we are not overrun, our little friend only appears every few months . Obviously in reality it's a series of mice rather than just one but well it's nicer to think we have a resident Jerry who sleeps in a match box bed and who can carry off whole hams and chicken legs (complete with tiny chefs hats on the legs) rather than the reality of brood of the perishers.

The little blighter just crept into the rubbish sack I'd left next to the door and then made rustling noises that once heard were difficult to ignore and then there was the window that during yesterday seems to have swelled bigger than it's frame and had to be tied shut, so I'm sat here with my patchy broadband listening to not very morning music that I downloaded last night. I quite like it (the Joy formidable) but maybe not a 5.30 am.

Sorry for all this, like listening to other peoples dreams (think on MLK) "I can't sleep" talk is not that gripping. It does look like a lovely day though and our little friend seems to headed off for his kip and now Dusty's singing about Tupelo Honey which is better. Anyway hope your day is starting well it is after all a new day.

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