Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday on My mind

The Easy Pete special

The weekend is upon us and for all sorts of reasons it can’t come too quickly for me.

Excess Baggage
Can I suggest that while you munch your toast or snaffle your coco pops this Saturday morning and if you can aver Adam and Joe (you can always listen again) you may want to tune into Excess Baggage on radio 4. 10 am.

It’s a travel show which occasionally treads a bit too close to smug trekking in Patagonia for my liking, but this week hurrah they went for a grumpy bearded Northerner sorry Britain’s Leading beer writer(aka Peter Shaun Brown) who’ll be telling either Sandy T or Johnny Mc about lugging a barrel of beer to India.

Honestly there’s no escaping him when he’s not twittering or hanging around borough market he’s on the bleedin’ radio, he’ll be getting a part in The Wire next : ).

Anyway have a listen or use the iplayer or the podcast or sit next to the speaker with your cassette recorder and press play and record or maybe just embroider what he says in a cross stitch.

Go on if everyone listens he won’t have owt to moan about and being from Yorkshire this lack of misery in his life will confuse him .

Owt for Nowt
I’ll off to god’s own county myself this weekend, never a bad thing. Thought I’d belie our totally mistaken reputation for being tight by giving you a tune.

Apologies for the obviousness but I’ve only just sorted out who anybody is from V’60’s. Apart from V’Beatles and V’Stones I always thought most other 60’s tunes were by V’Hollies or Jerry and V’ Pacemakers so finding a best of on the market by the likes of V’ Easybeats is part of my tardy education and I like the bit at the beginning that sort of falls over its self.

My platter is a bit crackly so maybe you can just put in on and dance round the room with something cold to hand (not a packet of peas) and even if you are not going to the city like me make sure you have good a Friday and a corking weekend.

Friday on My Mind by The Easybeats


Cocktails said...

Friday on my Mind is an absolute classic tune - a bit of an Australian radio perennial when I was growing up. I don't think that they ever topped it sadly.

Have a good weekend yourself. Its been a horrible week this one.

BLTP said...

Cm it's not a bad comp I must scan in the sleeve. didn't some of them go on to produce ACDC?

Cocktails said...

Vanda and Young, the main songwriters from the group did go on to produce AC/DC as well as other Australian 'classics' like Love is the Air I think. Maybe I should listen to more of their stuff. I used to like 'Women'.

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

I shall catch Pete on podcast. I shall be en route to Buxton (the highest town in England)at 10am tomorrow.