Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Stokey Lit Fest :the aftermath

Edwyn Collins & band
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Well that was fun, the litfest is finally over and bar the odd moany never really pleased type was a roaring success. Hundreds of happy punters eager to hear writers etc and ask mostly sensible questions loads of lovely helpful resourceful volunteers who never stopped smiling and getting getting stook in. Special praise to LIz V for her sheer energy and will to get the whole thing moving .

I enjoyed all the writers etc  I saw but Grace & Edwyns reading and concert on friday was the simply wonderful. Their friend Craig Maclean chose selection from Grace's book and chatted with them about their life since Edwyn's stroke. The EC and his excellent band played some choons (if memory serves : falling and laughing, blue boy, time to sleep, rip it up!,girl like you sorry I was bit caught up in it all) anyway they got 2 standing ovations and I got my copy of Felicty signed.

Oh and Ed and Grace are lovely friendly people which I'm sure you already knew..
The Festival will back next years so book early and book often.

stoke newington literary festival

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