Monday, 21 June 2010

Chris Sievey (Frank Sidebottom ) 1956-2010

Frank Sidebottom (front)
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Not sure what to say here but perhaps just to say that Chris in the form of Frank Sidebottom brought a great deal innocent daft fun into my life.

His versions of famous songs (often preferable to the original) were wonderfully funny and like all great parodies came from a love of the original allowing him to make telling fun of it. Also like all great comic creations after a while it was the built up in jokes and reality of Frank's Timperley that was the source of the humour the morrissey or Buzz Aldrin were just a hook to hang his story on.

Also for an outsider he was in one mainstreams of British comedy that of the character trapped in his world. In Frank's case trapped in his shed wedded oddly to his own puppet and the never seen presence of his Mum. That a whole world was spun from this seemingly confined space is part of his genius.

Lastly you have to admire Chris Sievey in persevering with his creation even to extent that the strange man-boy is more famous than he ever was.

But anyway it's "the summer time and I've got space and science fiction on me mind"

I thank you

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Mondo said...

Terrible shame - if your on a sci-fi buzz. Have you been tried the Green Lantern Blackest Night 8 issue run. Well worth a go. You should be able to pick most issues up for reasonable prices at most London comic shops. Or the collected series is just out in hardback