Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Cry God for Brian Blessed

We all know the list of things to survive a nuclear war is quite short: spiders, locusts , Courtney Love and of course Brain Blessed. Brian is a force of nature as well as being a force for good so I was pleased to see him hamming it up with the Henry V speech trying to put some vim into the England side. Unfortunately the BBC intercut Mexborough's greatest son with rather weedy "sportsmen" so I've done an edit of the speech just with Brian's bits. Not sure it will stiffen the marrow of Rooney et al but it will cheer the rest of us up*.

By the way to record it on audacity I had to turn the recording levels down to 40% to stop BB distorting!!!

* health warning BLTP & BBC suggest you remove small children and pet fish from the room before playing this clip.

Cry God for Brian Blessed

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