Saturday, 19 June 2010

Somers Town (no escape from the footy)

Somers Town
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I was looking for something to watch on I-player as I needed a rest from the football. In the film section they had two Shane Meadows films "a home for Romeo brass" and his recent short "somers town". I'd missed the latter when it came out and this brief coincidental footy reminder aside it's a little gem. Starring the amazing Thomas Turgoose it's a simple tale of two odd ball foreign teenagers (polish & midlander!) wandering around London's Kings Cross.

It's only an hour long so too much explanation could be pointless but it's nicely shot, the acting is good especially Turgoose and as usual Meadows shames film makers with 100 times his budgets. So give it a go.

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Cocktails said...

Ooh, I taped this but haven't got around to watching yet. I've also been wanting to find out whether it's REALLY sponsored by Eurostar!