Sunday, 13 June 2010

Don't redecorate, just shoot the lights out: Ikea record collection

The Serbia Ghana game was so dull I got round to working on this mash-up. Think I need to make two copies one for Linda and one for old Richard as I don't think this all ended well. Anyone spotted any other sleeves with "meatball peddler flat pack" potential?


Russ said...

As part of last weekend's Sustainable Haringey festival there was a 'freecycle' stall. We may have got you a couple of beauties - one of which features a lady who I'm sure was trying to look sophisticated but actually looks absolutely hammered.
Will pass them along next time we meet.

BLTP said...

Blimey thanks: Vinyl the gift that keeps on giving! will ring to arrange a date been meaning to.

Provider of album covers said...

Come on - you've had over a week now - where's the new ones?