Monday, 15 December 2008

Shoe, shoe, you horrible beast...

Bush whacked!
Top marks to the Iraqi journalist for throwing his shoes at Bush, pricking the bubble even as in this case it's a low wattage type like Bush is always worth a go.

Not sure if these where his actual shoes or he took a pair along special, even so nice move. I thought it was funny that the commentators kept telling us this is a terrible insult in the Islamic world, strange because throwing your shoes at someone is sign of friendship and respect in Britain!


lil x said...

Thanks for the warm welcome BLTP.
I may stop by again sometime.

At the risk of offending those who wish to insult someone by Shoe/Slipper slapping, it seems kinda comical to me.
Strange notion that it is a sign of friendship and respect tho!
I’ve not come across that before now…

BPP said...

I can't believe this fella wasn't shot dead on the spot. Were the Secret Service on holiday?