Saturday, 20 December 2008

She's a very clever woman.... must have taken her long time.
I have no compunction singing the praises of my talented and marvelous friends .
My long time friend K is one of those ridiculously talented arty types who can turn her hand to most creative things and produce excellent results.
I have number of her prints and drawings as well as several of her ever inventive and classy Christmas cards.
I know if I tried this technique it would look like a four year had done it but not in a good way: a simple but striking design.
Thanx again K


Planet Mondo said...

I WANT ONE !!! Get 'em on the ' 'buy now's

BLTP said...

PM. I'll pass on your order!

ally. said...

it's ace but it does make me bloody sick with jealousy. i tried making paper snowflakes and it was chaos

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Thanks BLTP! You've more than your fair share of talent yourself where creativity is concerned! Including your Christmas cards!

ally. said...

have a smashing xmas a ta a zillion for all the brilliant stuff