Monday, 29 December 2008

Stuffing and nonsense

Life is Cheap....
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So what have we learnt over Christmas?
Things some fancy dan London type heard on’t bus

Tha eats like a reet soup dragon thee!”

“Duz tha see that drive next t’shop, that’s were Our Carol had a slash after town on’t Christmas Eve she were that leathered stoopid cow almost fell ova in it, I almost piss me sen laughin’.”

Modern Education update:
That it’s possible to win “Reception citizen of the week” at Primary school nowadays, Good work R!
That Ben 10 exists and that he has a watch that turns him into a monster.

Christmas Hamper Update:
That’s the world’s a better place for their being a vast variety of Piccalilly
That Birkinshaw’s (from Map) still make the best pork pies in the world.
That everyone says they like Bounties but nobody picks them out of box of Celebrations willingly.

Arts & Culture:
That Harold Pinter plays wouldn’t have had such long silences in them if he’d ever been for dinner at our house.
You should always play Morrissey of St Stephens day

That life is cheaper than timber in Barnsley!


Mr G. said...

Tha's not been to Middlemiss butchers in Otley then. Pork-cocking-pies fit for a king. I'll take you next time you're up. PS. You were our 'house guest of the week' this week.

Pete said...

Percy Turner's in Jump - sorry to go disloyal to t'other side of tarn, but that's food o the gods, that.

The bounty celebrations thing was beautifully played out on the Christmas Gavin and Stacey when Nessa basically wrapped up a celebration for everyone and when sumdi opened a bounty one everyone else went, "aahhh, never mind."

I'll be appropriating the soup dragon comment forthwith.

al_uk said...

Traitor, traitor, Pete is a whopping great big traitor!!!