Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fantastic Breaking News:

Pete Brown Beer Writer of Year

Top news just winged it's way via twitter the writer formerly know as Britain's Leading Beer Writer is now officially the Best Beer writer in Britain (which Belgium Czech and Germany aside ) is really in the world! He won the Guild of beer writers award , To say it;s well deserved is on understatement!
Anyway Pete bloody well done.
Oh and if you want to know what the fuss is about you can buy one of his books.
a Man walks in to a Pub (history of British pubs)
or 3 sheets to the wind (exotic booze) and his magnum opus (so far) Hops and Glory the lunatic tale of taking a barrel of beer to India by sea.
Oh and here's his beer blog.


Steve said...

well done Pete!

Cocktails said...

that is good news. I enjoyed listening to Pete talk about his last book on Excess Baggage.

Are you on Twitter BLTP?!

Anonymous said...
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BLTP said...

yep C&M my name is @Gargarin