Friday, 18 December 2009

Advent 18: The Christmas Armistice on Hoth

Make Lego Not war.

Reports vary but it’s believed that early on 25th the laser cannons stopped firing and the Mighty AT-ATs ground to a halt and a strange quiet fell across the Ice plateaus of Hoth, a silence only broken by the distant cry of a Tauntaun.

And then after a few minutes lone figures started to move tentatively out into “no-man’s land” and walk slowly and careful across the snow. When they were a few yards apart they stopped seemingly stunned by what was happening and then one orange figure removed his glove and offered a hand to a white figure opposite him. Slowly they moved towards each other watched by a thousand cautious eyes and then their hands met and they shook hands and then embraced.

All along the front the same event was quickly repeated, soon former enemies where laughing and joking swapping holographs of sweet hearts and sharing flasks of synthi-mac and bites to eat. After a few minutes a game of football broke out played amongst the smoking wrecks of snow speeders and the helmets and worse of fallen comrades.

All the time no one believed it could happen and then regretfully as the sun slipped behind the peaks final hands where shaken and arms patted and perhaps one and last final swigs (from almost empty) flasks taken and slowly and regretfully (with the odd wistful backward glance) the former foes returned to their respective “sides” of that lonely desolate frozen plain.

This Christmas remember its good will to ALL men (even those cloned from Jango Fett!)
Let’s hope peace can break out everywhere both here and in a Galaxy far far away
And remember as always
Make Lego Not war.

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