Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Art Yule either love or......

Christmas Art Review!!
Jonathan Jones is attempting to disappear up his fundament in this piece in the paper today .

here's him taking about a Christmas Tree by Tactita Dean.
Unpretentious, melancholy, exact, Dean's Christmas tree lightly brushes against themes of transience, reality and truth that are at the heart of her work
Ms Dean's artistic breakthrough is lighting it with candles, which sounds really nice but the likes of Jones do her no favours with nonsense like this. Surely you can say you just like a Christmas tree without too much guff.

Those pesky artists are at it re-imagining the nativity elsewhere in the paper (as they do) Mr Parr is back on form with his and there's some others including John Squire from T'Roses.

All well and good but if you want the Christmas story interpreted look no further than  Family BLTP's  latest Auteur Our W. The boy's really got something he just disappears to his room to make these film on his playstation (which is very cool). Look out for the tantrum from king Herod played of course by a robot!


davy h said...

Quite magnificent: what a talented household ye be!

'And the nominations are...'

Russ said...

Unfortunately I can't watch W's video at work, but read the article linked to - what a load of tosh - scroll down for 'immaculate's comments though. Spot on.

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Great stuff! And super lighting, Mr or Ms Anglepoise has a great career in front of them.
Serious question - how long does it take to do a film like that?

BLTP said...

think this one took an afternoon brave lad that he is he shoots it in order and doesn't edit, it's guerilla filmaking of a sort we approve of.