Sunday, 20 December 2009

Advent 19: Golden treats

Advent 19: Golden treats
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Went to A&R's excellent party has extensive debate about the Double issue Radio Times and it's place in Yuletide Tradtion and the socio-economic standing of Turkey crowns oh and some mulled wine perfect!


al_uk said...

And what decision did you come up with about Turkey Crowns??

Radio Times Double issue is a should be the law that you have to buy one. Then mutter about all the adverts of holidays in the middle that are plain annoying (in the middle of boxing day's guide usually.)

BLTP said...

No biggy on Turkey was just surprised that half a bird was some sort of class warfare fault line. As to the RT we found the only person in the UK not to get excited by it's arrival and couldn't see "the point" I have suspicion they are the sort to prefer Roses to Quality Street.

davy h said...

I always remove the holiday 'supplement' immediately to avoid yuletide annoyance. It is most satisfying. Mrs H has bought a (frozen) turkey crown (though I am a veggie). Not sure which side of the class war fault line that'll make us fall?

Steve said...

David Mitchell is v good on all of this, love the Turkey v Goose debate..