Friday, 15 May 2009

The Shame

Joker Badge circa 1990
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Sad sad day....

The sad sight just now on Newsnight of seeing the Chief Exec of McDonalds being able to take the moral high ground and lecture our MP's in morality. Followed by the worst display of blame passing and truth dodgying I've seen in a a long time!


Planet Mondo said...

Have you got one of those Dennis The Menace Gnasher badges that had wobbly eyes? Always wanted one for my badge collection (which I will blog one day)

BLTP said...

sadly no pm but of course I want one now! Trying to keep the collection to relvant events rather than just buying nice one's on ebay! Got the joker with Btaman comic Think I got it partly as I saw ME Smith with one in the NME I am so shallow really.