Sunday, 17 May 2009

Satellites we love

I always thought my archive of early space pictures picked up in a bundle in a print shop off St Martins lane were fascinating and in their blurry crumpled way well funky.

As ever the boys in the white short sleeved shirts and buzz cuts have trumped everyone again with this stunning picture of the shuttle in front of the sun.

Can you imagine being so remote not just stuck on a station platform in Norfolk remote, or I’m the last one in the office on your own but you know such a very, very long way from home. Can you imagine what they must see. I’m not sure why we’ve not sent a painter or poet into space other than their floppy hair would get caught in the helmets and the blobs of gouache might play hell with the navigation computer!

Anyway well done to Nasa for this stunning shot. If you do want to see my space pics they are still in orbit over here I've just added a new picture.

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ally. said...

blimey - as if i wasn't spacey enough already. thanks a gazillion for these