Thursday, 1 February 2007

through glasses darkly

The idea for this page is to highlight people who know how to enjoy themeselves. Not in a too many alcopops and dancing to "angels" kind of way but in Ray Mears sitting warming ya boots in fire sort of way. Or people who do stuff for the sheer joy or sillness of it. We will also include recipes, reviews and jolly stuff we've found on this here tinterweb.

One thing we like is big dumb well made telly, there is none better than CSI. The jury is still out on the magic order for the 3 csi's I do change my mind from day . Every civilised person puts CSI NY last and as of today I put Las Vegas second and Miami first, not sure why. One of the reasons is David Caruso, who as he should takes it all very seriously. One aspect of the show all his fans love is the "sunglasses of justice" , the moment when he removes his gebs and says something pity/gnomic. Well someone has segued a number of them together. If you still want to be David here's where you can buy his Gebs.

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