Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Golden hour

I took these pictures this evening just as the sun was going down. Interesting as most sunset are I like the dramatic cloudbase, the blurring, is rain on window. I Used a strange preset on my camera "sunset" for the pic on the right , it seems point less as it wipes out all the reds which is normally what people like about sunsets, I will have to read the manual doh!

Picture below is "auto corrected using my basic HP software . The software guys are obviously slightly camp just look at the Wagnerian over top of the reds!

Anyway in a bout of synchronicity, I watched Terence Malicks "Days of Heaven" tonight on film four. I will join a very long queue when I say it's fantastic and in a not very impressive way say I have now see all his work (4 films 30 years)! The cooincidence for those who haven't seen the film is that Malick shot most of the film at the "golden hour" just after and just before sunset and sun rise wen the light is fantastic and warm and the wind is often calm.
He is a really visual dircetor , obsessed with nature and man's position to it. You fear he would rather film trees blowing in wind rather than mess around with Sam Sheppard and Richard Gere if he could.
The sound is excellent too, even on my tiny tv and freeview box. The ony critism I would have and it is something that gets more exagerated in his later 2 films is the use of voiceover. He uses it alot as a way to express inner thought of the characters, in fact large parts of dialogue were cut during editing. This voice over can be aliemating and annoying, distancing you from the action and giving a partial view of the film. In "New world" (his latest film) he uses mulitple voices to give differing views. Having said this his films are always interesting and involving, a golden way to spend a couple of hours.

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