Friday, 23 February 2007

museum of street semiotics: pensile object annexe

I never intended this to be a continuing series but flâneur do as flâneur see. I saw around my flat the following objects hanging from trees and shrubs. The walking stick has an obvious source i.e. a disabled person dropped it getting into a car and some kindly Samaritan put it on the tree for safe keeping. The more whimsical side of me sees it as evidence of a miracle, some unfortunate rested against the tree and was healed and left the stick as testament to their healing. Our car park will soon be like Lourdes but with less tat shops hopefully!
The second scene is some audio tape wrapped and fluttering around a tree. It shows the untidiness of car drivers (second only to smokers) they dump their grot everywhere. A few years ago me and some friends had the idea for exhibition that was to feature ideas for the redesign of a roundabout . We had the idea of collecting up the audio tapes that get dumped at traffic lights re-threading them into a cassette and using them as the sound track for the display. I think we thought we would get the true sound of the city unfortunately it was all bad techno and Simply Red ,so we where half right. The only good bit was that some it played backwards so we were in danger of summoning a demon, a ginger one in our case.

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