Friday, 9 February 2007

Old Joy

Just got back from seeing Old Joy a brilliant new film. Starring Bonnie princewilloldhampalace brothers or whatever he's called today! It is a simple film telling the tale (in almost minute for hour real time) of a weekend road trip.
Two old friends meet up after a few years apart and go on a trip to some hot springs in the old woods of up state Oregon. Not much happens except their friendship deepens and evolves. The Director Kelly Reichardt does a good job at capturing the nuances of male relationships. Using a subtle naturalistic script and good acting, she also does that simple but rare thing of letting the camera tell the story . Daniel London an unknown to me (he's had the usual trawl of tv and film parts but no major roles) plays the more settled role to WillOldham's Hippy traveler, both are believable and understated and have an awkwardness about them that fits with the theme of old friends reacquainting themselves. The two other stars of the film are a Daniel London's character's dog and the nature and landscape of Oregon, beautifully filmed by Pete Stillen.The sense of peace and lush greenness of the woods was in stark contrast to noise and bustle of central London as we left the cinema. All this is set off by an excellent score by Yo La Tengo.
Do yourself a favour and see this film.
PS. synchronicity corner: I got an email this morning which looked more abusive than the usual spam it was titled" I'm not scared of you and I'm going to beat your ass" it turned out to be amazon telling me to buy Yo la Tango newest LP.
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