Monday, 31 January 2011

Sad News: John Barry RIP (1933-2011)

Just heard that he passed away early today; I think John Barry was my favourite composer before I knew I liked music, the excitement and drama he brought to Bond films and Zulu etc suffused my childhood. A rare talent.


davy h said...

The word 'genius' is over-used and abused but I think in this case it applied. Something sweeping and sad over at mine, if you fancy.

Mondo said...

Did you know Faith No More covered Midnight Cowboy. I like the way everyone's picked a different bit from the JB collection.

PS - an obscurity but a goody over at mine..

BLTP said...

Chaps: Thanks, I chose this one because it downbeat slightly mournful tone seemed right when I was groggy and barely awake this morning. Genuinely doesn't seem to have written a duff tune