Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Life in a northern town: The Capucinno's Our Kid

cheHad a nice lunch in the pub yesterday, it was one of those chainy ones but very friendly and the food was good. On the table next to us was a burly couple, (arms full of tats looked like they had had a hard life etc) having lunch the odd thing was though instead of say having a pint and a half of lager with their lunch they were having cappuccinos.

Like I say it was a little odd this big fella with hands like shovels daintily sipping a frothy coffee with his “trio of spicy chicken medley”. Not saying real men don’t drink coffee or anything just well it looked odd.
Having said that the espresso I had after my pie was good.

Poetry of lists
local Night spot names:
The Office
The Outpost

House name of the week: “Helms Deep”

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