Sunday, 24 February 2013

R.I.P Ray Cusick (1928 – 2013) Dalek designer

R.I.P Ray Cusick (1928 – 2013) Dalek designer

Like the recently passed Gerry Anderson Ray Cusick is one of the blessed legion of designers, writers, musicians etc who filled our childhoods with wonder and in Ray's case terror.

Of course it's hard to say nowadays why the Daleks scarred us so, in a world of Alien vs Predator and endless zombies, Daleks are almost a risible foe. But with their cold logic, short tempers and unstoppable hatred they WERE really scary. Nothing came close to that moment when a dalek turned to face the camera and the screen flashed to and fro into negative while it screamed Exterminate!

We knew then that even the weak jokes about flights of stairs wouldn't protect you if the Dalekss actually ever burst out of our telly and got through your hastely constructed sofa barricade to find us cowering in joyful terror.

Of course next day at school you too could be dalek anorak pulled tight round your face one fist thrust forward robotic voice.

So here's my tribute to to Ray (did I mention he designed James Burke's Connections too)

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