Sunday, 14 August 2011

Everything I know I learnt from POP.......

Went to the YSP again the other day and had another look round the Jaume Plensa exhibition. One of the best  pieces is the gong room. It's darkly lit room with circle of huge gongs hung from the ceiling. They let you into the gallery in 5's and you get to hit the gongs not in full Bombardier Billy Wells mode but in a wonderfully echoing throbbing rumble. Incised into the gongs are passages from what worked out must be "the Song of Solomon" but it was only when I got this one did I have a head slapping moment . I never heard the song of Solomon in Sunday school but I heard it on top of the pops!!

So Pop not just for getting through the journey to work, or ready to go out on the lash, or through the long dark nights of the soul but the world's best University!

Did you know Rasputin was "a cat that really was gone...."

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Drakeygirl said...

Rasputin was also a lovely dear to those Moscow chicks, you know.