Sunday, 24 October 2010

Next up on Five..How to be Martin Parr

lifeboat GPIC
Channel 5 is often derided (mainly based on it's output from 10 years ago) but while the BEEB is showing the woeful One show, BBC2 has an antiques quiz, ITV is in the back of a squad car AGAIN and Channel 4 has the dog end of the news Channel 5 had this programme telling you how to be Martin Parr (no not that one) the one who takes photos .

Anway there's some tips and insight into MP's work, In the end I think the answer in the end that you need to be born a near genius and take 30 years worth of photos but well it's a fun 25 mins. I think next week they are off to Iraq with Don MCullin

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ally. said...

oooh ta guv. i could just do with a bit of photo encouragement. diabollically stuck at the mo