Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Model prisoners: family history

Been looking at our family history lately and found this wonderful postcard from a "Concentration camp" (now called to avoid confusion and grim associations an Internment camp) which presumably features my Great Uncle or Grandad and of course a small model harbour. This maritime model village was made presumably by the inmates to fill the endless hours of captivity in rural Northants!
I find the whole thing fascinating and way more valuable than more normal heirlooms. Click on the pic for more details.


Mondo said...

Incredible picture. Do love a bit of family history. I was given some old family records years back, that showed the names of my two boys have appeared in every generation going back centuries - it appears to have been a family tradition long before I new anything about it.

PS found my first street card on Friday - 4 of diamonds

BLTP said...

yes it's odd what crops up, I do love this photo the understandably grumpy faces and jolly little boats it's fascinating. Good work on the streets card, only 51 to go!Found another one the other day but it's one I have already which will be increasingly a problem, not sure swapsies is in the spirit of the thing!