Tuesday, 10 August 2010

These foolish things....

Well, a successful day all round got plenty done in spite of the drizzle. Out dodging puddles at lunchtime and tying a damp shoe lace I found 20p, 50 yards further down the high street I went into a charity initially to check out a lightweight tripod they had in the window.

As always it had the "headbit" missing (as they always do!the volunteer didn't seem too concerned about this as they always are) and then with some inevitability I started to flick through the vinyl. A few lps in I found this gem. Mr Ferry apart from being a depressingly stylish cove is the king of a good cover and so with wonderful synchronicity I took him for a spin for the princely sum of...... 20p.
Here's Bryan looking bored and wonderful

As to what other "foolish things" will remind me of the rest of August 10th:

  • well some damp podgy pigeons pecking at a puddle
  • my first blackberry: surprisingly sweet
  • a stern woman in a meeting with "jo,jo,jo" tattooed vertically inside her left wrist
  • & my shopping list of "Milk & Bleach" which must be a great lost pub rock song.

Anyone else got any other "Foolish Things" ?

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davy h said...


I have 'Milk & Bleach' on limited edition washed-out vinyl, if you're interested.