Monday, 19 April 2010

Anyone for Tiffin?

Anyone for Tiffin?
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Makes Loads:
Prep time: 20 mins plus 1hour plus in fridge.

250g biscuits crushed (I used Digestives)

75g raisins (I used dried fruit)

4oz butter

4 tblsp golden syrup

25g cocoa powder I put more in but I’ll leave it to you
2 x 250g chocolate (mine was green & black orange tinged 80%)

What to do:
1. Melt butter sugar cocoa and syrup in a pan (I did all this in the microwave)
2. Mix in other dry ingredients (make sure it’s well mixed) .
3. Tip into a lined tin. I use a 10 inch round tart dish depends how fat you want your Tiffin to be don’t press down to firmly or Tiffin will be too hard.
4. Melt the chocolate and pour over .
5. Put in fridge to chill then cut into squares.
6. Keeps for a few days in a tin.


Mondo said...

Good God that sounds delish.. although I've over-stodged lately so will have to lay off.

davy h said...

You're a man after my own heart with your anti-Delia directions - 'makes loads' 'keeps for a few days in a tin'. She winds me up something rotten with her 'two half teaspooons exactly'/ 'remove every drop of water' -style recipe instructions. Relax woman!

BLTP said...

Mondon: It's is very good and if you use dark docolate quite moreish and moist.
DH:Some baking needs precise but this thankfully is just what's delish mix it. Not going to diss delia she has powers we don't know about this volcano thing is probably her.

davy h said...

Fair point. Thoughh I think if it were her volcano it would be moving in a precise South South-Easterly direction at a speed of exactly 10 knots, for 4.75 days...

sa said...

this is reeeaaallly nice. ta for tub full bltp

BLTP said...

SA: Da nada

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...